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    "When dealing with my daily research  and discovery of the great art and the lives of the great composers, with their philosophical myriads, I felt an inner need to go back to someting that I somehow felt lost on myself and my concert pianist life: The inner essence of music on this modern world.  


    Much beyond entertainment, but striving to contibute to the shaping of human nature, those genius men approached art as something far beyond: maybe as a mission and as a tool to a sometimes ludic or straight forward confrontation towards our human hipocrisy, our contradictions  and our superficialities. 


    Throughout this path, life guided me on very unusual ways to empirically understand the real power of music.                  


    I could personaly have the most profound and striking experiences when offering music to those that were somehow in need. There, Music was vitally necessary, not something extra...  Those experiences led me to devote my life differently on the path of Music and arouse an inner, intimistic artistic urge, depth and devotion, twards art and other people, that led me to co-fund the "Uaná - Association for the arts".

    Great Music should belong to everyone....                                     


    Please have a look on our work and join us!                     



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